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Bradford Cultural Voice Forum is a facilitated network of around 500 creative people, who work in the Bradford District's cultural sector.

We are a member-led organisation that exists to share knowledge, resources, and opportunities. We bring together independent professionals, organisations, and volunteers to discuss key topics, upcoming events and funding opportunities for the creative and cultural sector across Bradford.

"We are at our most powerful, effective and sustainable when we work collaboratively".

"By sharing resources, we will build and diversify our sector networks. As a creative community, we will share equipment, knowledge and skills, supporting, championing and mentoring each other. We will work collectively to develop inclusion, talent, participation and audiences. We will ensure every District agenda, from health to planning, education to transport, keeps culture in mind."

We have bi-monthly meetings and communicate via a monthly newsletter and weekly mailouts to keep our members updated of all the latest news, events and opportunities in Bradford's vibrant cultural sector.

Our membership is free, please click the link below to join, and we will add you to our mailing list.

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